Our suppliers are carefully selected after a rigorous selection, where we seek the best quality products, the most competitive prices and the guarantee in order to offer our customers the best partners for long term projects.

AC MILANO (balsamic vinegar)

AGNESI (durum wheat high quality pasta )

ARETINO (wine and fruit vinegars)

ASOLO DOLCE (cookies)

BASSOLI (sparkling wine, lambrusco)

BONI (grana panado and parmigiano reggiano cheeses)

CORVINO (buffalo mozzarella)

DAVIA (pelled tomatoes, puree, chopped)

DELIZIE DI CALABRIA (condiments, sauces, sardines, paté)

FATTORIA IL LAGO (tuscany wines and high quality olive oil)


GERMINIA (legumes, artichokes, mushrooms, friarielli broccoli)

GRANDI RISO (arborio, carnaroli and another rices)

HOSTA ITALIA (hazelnut cream)

L’ ARCO (Chianti and tuscany wines)

MARTINO (cous cous)

NERI (preserves, pesto, cream and paté for bruschetta)

PALUANI ( panettone, colombe and croissants )

PAONE (durum wheat pasta)

ROCCA LUIGI & FIGLIO (anchovy fillets)

SANT-ANGELO (panettone and sweets)

SAVINI (truffles)


SENSI (prosecco and  other wines)

STIL NOVO (gourmet products)

TRASIMENO (extra virgin olive oil)


CATAFESTA (whole grape juice)

COCO DO VALE (coconut water)

FORNO DE MINAS (cheese bread)

MAIS FRUTA (frozen fruit pulp)

QUALIDORO (palm heart)

TAPIOCA (mandioca flour)

TECPOLPA (fruit juices)

VAPZA (ready meals based on cereals and meats)

WEBER HAUS (spirits)


We can export some internationally renowned brands exclusively to interested customers, but we also have a lot of experience in managing private label, for those who prefer to import with their own brand. We provide the necessary support to clients and printers, observing the current rules in each country. In some cases, we can also propose labels that we create thinking in more complex marketing by the uses and costs of each destination market.


ESOTYCA: example of a brand created and registered after a long marketing study considering the tastes of the European consumer.