International consulting and intermediation

Specialized over 20 years in foreign trade projects exclusively on MADE IN ITALY and MADE IN BRAZIL products. We are responsible for trading in both countries for dozens of typical product industries, with the main goal of establishing full harmony between customer and industry, promoting greater satisfaction and safety for both, increasing business annually and stimulating reciprocal growth. We give importers the ability to purchase their high quality products at very competitive prices; to suppliers we help them selling their products to customers with the greatest potential purchase.
Invoicing is done directly between exporter and customers, what reduces total costs and increase the profit of each one. Also we give all support needed in each sale, reducing the error margins and eventual problems.


Our work favors the development of trade relations between Italian and Brazilian companies, promoting exports from both countries, concentrating their own resources with necessary actions and optimizing business in general through the constant presence in the international market.

We worry about the seriousness and competence of our team, essential elements in the management of this type of business. Our constant commitment ensures the best introduction of products with strong potential to stay over time in foreign markets, which every company seeks in such globalized world.

 Our main goal is propose this fundamental instrument to materialize new business with the mission of offering integrated commercial services, which explore new horizons of commercial opportunities offered in the international market, always using the best products becoming a reference in the market.

Our Team

Working in international trade requires full dedication and deep knowledge. Overseas continually invests in know-how, product research and suppliers, international trends and the quality of goods.

Under coordination we have LILIAN RASCHE, of Austro-Brazilian origin with Italian citizenship for over two decades. She accumulate extensive knowledge of the respective markets and products, and she can directly assist you in your choices.

Our partners are also highly skilled professionals with great expertise, making the whole group a winning gear.

For us, this activity is much more than a life mission, so in our team there is no room for amateurs or opportunists, because we strive excellence to give our customers safety and tranquility.

Lilian Rasche